Board of Trustees – Elections

The Board of Trustees for Arakura School

Every 3 years we elect a new board of trustees to run and govern our school, for maximum community input. We look forward to working with parents and establishing a pathway for the future of Arakura.

Find out about our current board here.

About School Trustee

“School boards play a critically important role in New Zealand’s schools and by extension, New Zealand’s future.

Our boards need people who have the skills to ask the right questions and make the necessary decisions to influence and support educational opportunities for each and every student in our schools.

Being a school trustee is an important role that needs people with a range of skills and experiences, who can make a positive difference to our children’s learning.” – Trustee Elections Homepage.

NZSTA – Becoming a school trustee from NZSTA on Vimeo.

More Information

If you would like to know more, or like to become involved, please contact the school office, or touch base with our Board Chairperson, Katrina Barclay. You can also visit the Trustee Elections Homepage for more information.