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This page is to support the teachers with how PB4L works at Arakura School. It has the processes and systems for how PB4L is organised and how we do things.

Each Week

How we give out MANA Cards

MANA cards are to be given out at any stage at school for certain behaviours.
Teachers are to fill these out and give them to the student.
The student then comes and puts these in the MANA Card box by the office.

Filling out the MANA Card:
  1. Student Name at the top, followed by their Room Number.
  2. Find the Student’s house group by asking them or finding it on eTap.
  3. Circle the MANA Value that they were demonstrating.
  4. Write down the reason for giving the MANA Card. Note: this should be an observed behaviour from the Expectation’s Matrix. It can also be found using the Teacher Handbook and the MANA App available for teachers.
What to Enter into eTap

Whenever there is a major behaviour incident, the PB4L Form must be filled out in eTap by the Duty Teacher or Classroom Teacher. These teachers need to decide on who is going to enter the incident.

The PB4L Form only needs to be filled out for Major or Repeater Minor offences. These are also listed on the form to give you a guide.

The PB4L Form is used to collect data on the time, location, class, teacher, and students behaviour, and sets goals for us as a school as to what gaps we need to address in the overall school behaviour system. It is important that it is filled out for each incident.

An easy way to distinguish a Major and a Minor behaviour is using Red Zone. If it is a Red Zone offence (either through the three warning system, or a straight Red Zone offence) then it needs to be entered into eTap.

How to Enter into eTap

In eTap:

  1. Sign into eTap using your teacher account.
  2. Under “General Management” click on the Guidance button.
  3. Select your group (usually your own class) and choose “Use pupils from this group only”.
  4. Click on the “PB4L” grey button at the top.
  5. Fill out the form with the relevant details of the incident.
  6. Click on Save Incident when you have finished entering the information into the form.
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