Timeline The PB4L Journey so far

  • PB4L Introduction
  • 80% or more of staff agree on making the most of PB4L opportunity
  • PB4L Team Leader and Coach appointed

  • February - April
    • Training for Coach and Team Leader begins
    • PB4L Whole Team approached to join
    • PB4L Whole Team training
    • Working Smarter Matrix Developed
  • May - July
    • Purpose Statement developed
    • Arakura School Values Review
      • Parent & Whanau Hui
      • Online Survey
    • Expectations Matrix developed
  • August - October
    • New School Values decided
    • Input into Expectations Matrix from Staff
    • Input into Expectations Matrix from Focus Group Hui
    • Input into Expectations Matrix from Student Council
  • November - December
    • Expectation Matrix finalised
    • New Values Logo Competition
    • New PB4L Team Leader appointed

Rhett Silvester’s winning entry

Kyla Peebles’ winning entry

  • February - April
    • Action Plan updated
    • New Values "MANA" launched with local dignitries
    • New MANA Logo revealed
    • New MANA Cards replace our Gold Card system
    • PB4L visits to other schools in cluster
    • MANA App developed to assist Teachers with the Expectations Matrix
    • Values Posters designed for different areas of the school

The new MANA Logo for Arakura School with aspects from both winning entries