Values whanonga pono

The Values at Arakura School are things that we think every child needs in order to be lifelong contributing members of our community and society.

We remember our values by the word PREP. Shortened down, this stands for "PREPARATION" as the school prepares them to be a part of the wider community around them in years to come. These four letters all stand for different values we hope to instil in all our pupils

They are:


  • Positive Choices - Pai o Whakaaro

    Every day we are faced with choices. Depending on which choice we make often determines an outcome. Making the right choice will lead to a better outcome more often than not.

  • Respect - Manaaki

    Respect is a key element to getting along with other people. We are all different in different ways, and all require respect from others.

  • Effort - Kaha

    Putting in additional effort; going above and beyond what is expected; bettering themselves, and striving for excellence in every moment of every day are all great ways of putting in effort.

  • Pride - Mana

    Having pride, not only in themselves, but in the things that they value. At school, students are encouraged not just to do their best, but to have mana when they do it.

Gold Cards

Every two weeks, we have a particular focus that the staff look for throughout the school. Each teacher hands out Gold Cards to students who are showing these values. These are then put into a prize draw and winners names pulled out during Friday School Assemblies. Winners names are also published in the School Newsletter.