Breakfast Club karapu parakuihi

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Arakura School we have seen the value that it brings each student. They are more attentive, more motivated, less tired, and less distracted.

This all leads to a child who is ready to learn at school. It also provides leadership opportunities for students who are keen to help out, and assist the younger students who arrive for Breakfast Club.

Now, EVERY morning at school, we can provide breakfast for the students who need it. We receive Weetbix and milk for this through a couple of charities, including KickStart Breakfast and KidsCan.

We also receive bread and spreads from Do Something Good, a non-profit organisation in Wellington to provide toast.

Times and Dates

Breakfast Club:
Monday – Friday
8:35am – 8:55am
in the School Hall.