Reading Together

The Reading Together programme is a research-based workshop programme for teachers, parents and children.

Reading Together at Arakura School


Place: Arakura School LibraryReadingTogetherLogo_LowResv1_60

Refreshments: There will be tea/coffee and snacks to start.

No worries with childcare we will have a crèche available in Room Two.

Email Inquiries to: [email protected]

The programme has been shown to raise children’s reading achievement in a sustained manner, and to improve relationships between children and parents, and between parents and teachers.It helps parents to support their children’s reading at home more effectively (and thereby also supports teachers in their classroom programmes).

At Arakura School, we began running Reading Together workshops in 2012. These have been a huge success, with many parents and caregivers reconnecting with their children through reading and learning, and has helped build a strong school-home connection. Children and parents alike have received benefits from these workshops.

See our calendar, or contact the school office if you would like to be a part of our next Reading Together workshop.