New Entrants akonga hōu &

& Transition whakawhiti

Arakura School is highly involved in helping the transition from kindergarten to your five-year-old’s first day at school.

School begins at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm for New Entrants (unless other arrangements are made)

Lunch is from 12.30 – 1.30pm and is eaten inside, under the teacher’s supervision.
It is helpful if lunch boxes and bottles are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Some children have great difficulty at handling shoe laces at the age of 5. If this is the case, please choose alternative types of shoe fasteners.

Transition Programme

Our Transition to School playgroups are available for children six weeks prior to them turning five years old. Children are invited to come and join the New Entrant class (Room Nine & Ten) on Tuesday mornings from 9.30am until 10.30am. You need to accompany your child and stay with them for this entire time. Children from Arakura Kindergarten often visit for a few weeks before they start school and these happen on a Thursday morning.

The class will often have discovery time where children take part in activities such as ball games, painting, cutting, construction, drawing, imaginative play and building and will also be encouraged to share and take turns. This is a time for the children to develop their fine motor skills and social skills, while meeting the other children in their class.

Pre-Entry Programme

Two to three weeks before your child is due to start school, the children are invited to come for formal school visits.

Visit times are organised with the classroom teacher and generally last for an hour. This is an opportunity for children to see the Phonics, Reading, Writing and Mathematics programmes in the class.
Sometimes children are ready on their first visit to stay longer, which is fine, it differs with each child. The length and frequency of visits will be arranged according to the child and their needs.

At 9.35am we have a five minute brain food snack (usually fruit or vegetables and a milk drink), so please ensure that on their visits they bring a piece of fruit as well as their morning tea or lunch. They will be welcome to share the fruit provided at school.

Again, as a parent or caregiver you need to accompany your child during these visits. It is also preferable that younger siblings do not attend these visits. This is the beginning of your child’s journey with Arakura School and we welcome any information, comments, or questions you may have regarding your child’s transition to school.