Our Tāngata


The staff are enthusiastic educators who have all been teaching in the New Zealand school system. We support new teachers by having mentor teachers work alongside them with weekly meetings. We regularly attend professional development workshops, and also run our own professional development using a ‘coaching’ model. This encourages teachers to inquire into their own teaching practice and provides them with next steps and strategies to try in their classroom to improve the learning of their students.

School Board

The School Board are responsible for the over-sight and governance of the school. They are representatives of the government elected by the local community of the school. They are responsible for seeing that the National Administration Guidelines are followed, as well as aspects such as Finance, Property, and Policies of the school.

Student Council

Recently we have introduced a Student Council into our school. They have been beginning to look into issues facing our school, and providing a student voice to some of the decisions and ideas that can improve the school in different ways. Student Council members are students that have shown responsibility, integrity, and maturity beyond their years at school.

Student Council